About Us


The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association is a professional, non-governmental and not-for-profit Association. The objects of the Association are:-

  • To promote the teaching and learning of English in Malaysia
  • To contribute towards the advancement of standards in English language education in Malaysia
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues in English language education
  • To organise seminars, courses, lectures and other appropriate activities to promote continuous professional development among Malaysian teachers
  • To encourage research and development in English language education and its related fields
  • To encourage and provide avenues for publications pertaining to English language education
  • To represent English language educators in meetings and forums that deliberate on policies, curricula, syllabi, examinations, and classroom practice issues and any other forums that focus on English language education
  • To provide national and international professional networking avenues to the Malaysian English language education community
  • To work with and support national initiatives to promote and enhance English language education in Malaysia
  • To be a global contributor and partner in the development and advancement of English language education