Chapters can be viewed most significantly as “branches” of MELTA, and are initiated to act as outreach centres so that MELTA members can meet and carry out activities according to their own local needs. All MELTA Chapters come under the MELTA Chapters Bureau that is headed by the Director of Chapters. Each MELTA Chapter is administered by a Chapter Committee, which comprises:


i) A Chapter Chairperson,

ii) A secretary,

iii) A treasurer and,

iv) Two (2) committee members.


The MELTA Committee appoints MELTA Chapter Chairpersons on the recommendation of the Director of Chapters, after elections at the MELTA Chapter level.


As a MELTA member you can contact the MELTA office and suggest activities that you would like MELTA to organise in your chapters. If you wish to start a MELTA Chapter in your area or wish to volunteer in any of the existing MELTA Chapters, do contact the Chapters Director by emailing the MELTA Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Batu Pahat Mr Sandy Ng
Kuantan Ms Chandrakala Raman
Kuching Mr Chuah Kee Man
Sandakan Mrs Monica Loh
Seberang Jaya Mr K. Puveneswaran




MELTA Chapters normally organise seminars, workshops and forums seminars and workshops on teaching methods and approaches, self-enrichment and the latest technology ware. These events are organised with the following objectives in mind:


·         To advance professional collaboration at nation-wide levels.

·         To empower  teachers, students and users of the English language.

·         To develop collegial support amongst Malaysian  ELT practitioners, learners and  language enthusiasts.